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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, May 21 2012, 17:56:19 (UTC)
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As I was discreetly smoking a joint, my neighbor (a Refucklican) found me and began her Fox News blabber about how "we", that is the (United States of Assassins) are the only safe country to have the option of "pushing the button" to annhilate the entire planet.. and "excuse me" but "I'm prejudice and want Iran destroyed"... Fortunately, I was getting stoned and had no time to get in a debate with a 70 year-old fascist.. so kept blowing smoke into her face unitl she left... my last words were.. we should get rid of all Nukes(Period).

Where the fuck do these people get their education? The School of Asssassins?
She thinks (well, I pretend that I'm dumb and no nothing about nothing.... that's partly true, though).. Anyway, she said we had such a hard time to decide to drop the bombs on Hirohshima (yeah? that's why you dropped the second one on Nagasaki, ta erri khool) They are the only nuclear power that dropped, not one, but two bombs, on civilians knowing that Japan was to sign the truce... the reason: Russia we don't give a fuck about nobody... try fucking with us and we'll drop ten Hiroshimas on you!!!...


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