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Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Friday, September 13 2019, 3:48:01 (UTC)
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Point well taken. I guess when I asked that question, I should have looked up the exact meaning of the word sinister because it's far more appropriate than I would have thought.

So then we get to the next point in the conversation where we say: "Gee, US foreign policy and politics are so bad, how could we make a change?" So would argue "Change must come from within, so be a part of our political system, join in, and become civically engaged." Others would argue "it's fucked, and we're doomed, so change must come from outside."

So here's where I pose the same question as it relates to the AAS (Assyrian Aid Society): How can we make a change? How about joining the organization and convincing them to redirect their efforts towards encouraging migration from Iraq to safer countries? Would it be helpful to work from within? I'm guessing the answer is no (sorry that I'm feeling the need to play devil's advocate so much lately). The other answer is the opposite -- change must come from outside of the organization.

The United States invaded Iraq illegally, twice, decades after illegally overthrowing the Iraqi government (with the CIA) to install Saddam Hussein into power. Now, Iraq is one of the most dangerous and unstable places on this earth. It's a real pity. Now, what are we to do about it? The only logical answer, in my mind, is a war crimes tribunal where Bush/Cheney/Bolton and the others are tried and imprisoned. Then, those CEOs of the Military-Industrial complex should similarly be tried, but before they are imprisoned, their assets should be seized, and put into an interest bearing account which should be used to help the nation of Iraq in perpetuity. Depleted uranium has a half-life of generations and generations to come. We should probably also have a nationwide war tax (like the sales tax, say, 1% on all goods and services) that should fund higher education and health care for every Iraqi citizen. We absolutely ruined their country, and ripped apart the social fabric, we wrecked their national treasures, museums, world heritage sites, all with our tax dollars. What a terrible clusterfuck.

pancho wrote:
>Merriam Webster defines sinister as...
>sinister adjective
>sin·​is·​ter | ˈsi-nə-stər , archaic sə-ˈni-
>Definition of sinister
>1: singularly evil or productive of evil
>2: accompanied by or leading to disaster
>3: presaging ill fortune or trouble
>...I'd say my usage of the word fits my description of what the AAS did as regards to working only to keep Assyrians in Iraq during the most disastrous period in its modern history.
>...if the act itself didn't seem particularly sinister, as an act, certainly it was "productive of evil" in that its results were to keep Iraqi Assyrians under maximum threat with only a few resources dribbled out to them....what did anyone imagine the prospects would be?
>...I argued this point with Narsai David, past president of the AAS who insisted that they wanted to stay. That couldn't have been an honest appraisal because any Assyrian saying that would have known that any other answer would have meant no grain or potatoes....but I seriously doubt anyone said that.
>..."accompanied by or leading to disaster"....does anyone really want to argue the point? Yes, it was sinister to leave the Assyrians in Iraq or, rather, to force them to stay by insisting that the only help they could expect would come to them only if they stayed...escape for your life or your childrens' lives and the AAS would do nothing for is that "help" to the people?
>..."presaging ill fortune or trouble" Anyone want to argue that?
>...forcing desperate Assyrians to remain in Iraq, as a condition of "help", was a sinister act....and the AAS was a sinister organization and still is because their mission remains the same. They're still begging a dollar here and a dollar there to keep a generation of Assyrians living on handouts....on pity when Chaldeans in that same situation who were taken out are most likely supporting themselves and families in more useful and healthy ways...yes, sinister.


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