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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, May 28 2012, 3:01:33 (UTC)
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Good observation. That's what I keep asking the nationalists who are so sure they are pure Assyrians and that all Chaldeans and Christians in Iraq, Syria, parts of Turkey and even Lebanon are all Assyrians. The Nestorians were living on top and around where these discoveries were made. It never occurred to them that they were Assyrians and it was only after the Europeans named the remaining Nestorians as their descendants did they start making these claims. This is not an opinion but Arrow thinks it is. Those people were so ignorant and knew nothing about ancient Assyrians other than the lies and myths in the bible. And with the Catholics and even Nestorians both calling themselves Chaldeans, it gave more room for confusion, and that's why even Grant first called them Jews or descendants of the ten tribes. It seems like these Christian heretics didn't object to any name given to them by the west and the Assyrian label was a good way of distinguishing the Christians from the Muslims in Iraq. If there are Christian Assyrians, why wouldn't there be Muslim ones when they too are mostly descendants of Nestorians and Jabobites who converted to Islam so became Arabs.

Of course most nationalists know their claims are silly but they can't accept that there are Muslims and others who are of the same descend because then where would the "nation" be? This is how they separate themselves even though it hasn't worked so far. They like to remain a Christian people but they need an ethnic identity so they are Assyrians but all of them Christians. If someone is Muslim and claims the ancients as his ancestors, then he must become Christian, and just like that, we are dealing with a Christian denomination, and that's exactly what we been arguing. Arrow is only fucking himself when plays dumb and says that no Assyrian claims only Christians are Assyrian, and this is no different then when he argued no Christian believes the eucharist to really be Jesus being eaten by his followers.


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