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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, October 14 2017, 15:59:38 (UTC)
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"So, what happened to the rights of those states which did not respect slavery and decreed that any runaway slave to make it to their territory was no longer owned by come THEIR "state's rights" were trampled upon?"

-- The hypocrisy is staggering. These folks scream and yell about "state's rights", fine... How about applying the same shit to "sanctuary cities", like Los Angeles, and elsewhere, where night after night, day after day, I observe Latino families with a petrified look on their faces, something akin to the frozen fear of Jewish Germans, never knowing when a group of ICE will surrender them, cuff them up, and force them into vans (like the Nazis did in the '30's to Jews) and disappear them. Many end up in concentration camps, no different than those of the camps in Poland, Germany, Ukraine,... . In Westlake Park, near the Jewish Langer's Deli, in which most of the folks living in the neighborhood are Salvadorian, Mexican, Guatemalan,... the people are petrified... for good reason. ICE shows up at 4 to 5 a.m. and begins to round up families, working class people, hardworking peoples... tearing up families, sending father and mother back to Central America and Mexico... leaving behind traumatized children who will never see or hug or kiss their mothers and fathers, again. So fuckin' cruel! Is this what the U.S. is all about?


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