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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, September 1 2013, 21:30:51 (UTC)
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Taoro wrote:
>"..this is the kind "evidence" this dweeb brings us....he doesn't even dare say who the author is...and for good reason. If it isn't Aprim it's clone." actually its another of your favorite persons that dosent know shit about shit its parpola, the professor that just makes stuff upp to make us assyrians happy you dumb ass I said...another Aprim. Parpola should stick to what he has studied...he is expert in ancient Assyrian history but just another educated amateur when it comes to modern assyrians....his shtick is telling assyrians that Jesus was most likely an assyrian...that Christianity has its roots, not in Judaism, but in ancient Assyrian religion...and he got some funds from from ditzy assyrians for his Melamu Project...research into a new kind of plastic.


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