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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, August 23 2013, 20:02:23 (UTC)
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... another thing, the Iraqi Communist Party was founded in 1934, several weeks or months after Semele. I wonder if the British Foreign Office -- as did the CIA's engineered coup d'etad in Indonesia in 1965 to topple Sukarno (fearing that he was too close to the most organised Communist Party in the region, set up extremist Muslim groups, given cart blanche to Indonesian Muslims to massacre anywhere from a half-a-million to one and one-half million comrades .... to two million Indonesian communists, Chinese nationals, and whomever they had had a previous grudge... their justification: The Communists are godless. To this I say: FUCK ALL RELIGIONS!: Fuck Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the rest of the fairly tale psycho-sexual-sadomasochism that leave the worker, in need of food to feed his children, as the foot of the master like a groveling dog. Stop being Jews, Christians and Muslims: I'd rather be the dog who decided that groveling gets this sick sadists the pleasure of seeing someone suffer... and be vulnerable to the wild antics of the ruling class. FUCK THE RULING CLASS! Like the one tune by the all Black, Chambers Brothers states: TIME HAS COME TODAY! TIME!!!


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