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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, August 23 2013, 22:57:13 (UTC)
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With all that you just wrote, one must credit the Iraqis for not being so trigger happy and murder more people. It was around 300 people who were killed during the Semele massacre. Americans have killed millions of Iraqis who were innocent. Iraqis killed 300 Christians in 1933 Semele but of course Aprim adds an extra zero and says it was 3000 instead. Either way, although a tragedy, it isn't something unique and it wasn't about "bloodthirsty" Muslims wanting to kill. Muslims have actually shown mercy to their enemies in history, and far more tolerance than Christians had for others and for their own. The Muslim warrior and general, Khalid Bin Walid was ruthless to his enemies on battle fields yet he was full of mercy when it came to women, children, and non combatants.


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