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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, August 23 2013, 19:26:43 (UTC)
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From my earliest recollections from my childhood in Tehran, we (me) had a oil painting of Malik Yaqu on my wall, next to the a reproduced poster of Meshika (Christ). As far as I know, no relations to my Malik family... but Yaqu, being a friend of my late grandfather, Nicola Malik: AKA., Nico "Eyenaki عینک", was kind enough to invite my family -- the immediate family, that is -- to join him and his family in Canada. Being Assyrian, my grandpa made a list of over thirty or more people: not all Assyrians, since he endorsed to bring his Turkish speaking Azeri fruit vendor and neighborhood friend, as one of the "family members". That was the last we heard from Malik Yaqu... until, Isamael, his son, took it upon himself - or was ordered to - murder the most educated and interesting of all of our Patriarchs: Mar Eshai Shumun.


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