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Re: these starving children "matter"......
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, September 9 2013, 7:00:33 (UTC)
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I have been arguing all day with this white bitch who has a "boyfriend" from Syria and he tells her how bad they have it under Assad. As she was pretending to shed tears for Sunnis in Syria, I reminded her that her country has murdered millions of Sunnis in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestinians, etc. At the end when she couldn't convince me to accept her right wing views, the typical respond came out, "you are clearly anti-American". Whenever you don't agree with them and support these crimes, you're anti-American. I made her feel like shit and I wouldn't be surprised if she gets the FBI involved because she couldn't believe "I live" in her country. These fucking hypocrites are feeling sorry for Syrians but they have killed millions around the world. She couldn't sit there while I was telling her about the 700,000 Iraqi babies who were murdered with sanctions and called it anti-American conspiracy theories, but it's not a theory. We have the facts from UN,Amnesty and other organizations and we have documented evidence that the US government targeted civilians. If she's so sad for human life, why don't she cry for the Blacks of Libya who suffered a genocide after Gaddafi was killed and by the same people Obama supported?


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