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Re: was it Christianity made us drop those atom bombs?
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, May 26 2012, 5:07:24 (UTC)
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Only white people and especially the USA are supposed to murder, drop bombs and do anything possible to win a war. They are the good guys after all. Other people don't have a reason to be pissed off and even if the US murders over a million Iraqis, creating all the widows and heartbroken people, they should be thankful because it is necessary to murder millions in order to save others. This is how it works. Just look at how America is supposed to be a peace loving nation and defender of the free world yet it has military bases all over the world and the number one thing that's exported are missiles and weapons. The dumb American will tell you that Castro has murdered millions of people, but he can't name one country Cuba has invaded and occupied. Meanwhile, the US has murdered millions and have made Hitler look very little compare to how many people have been murdered since WW2.

Hitler managed to murder six million Jews, and America has murdered far more than that over the years. In Iraq alone, with the sanctions included, the US has murdered over 2.5 million people since 1991. Are the family members and people of that country not to be angry by this? Then you attack their religion when they are already heartbroken? This is cowardly and I can't blame Muslims for wanting to chop off the head of that Zionist pastor. I would do it too and I would urinate in his mouth while at it. Some people have to be taught a lesson the hard way but Muslims are too nice, way too nice for me. The American hates everyone and is nuts without ever having seen what Iraqis went through. If the tables were turned and Iraq put sanctions on America, many more millions would have died, but fortunately for Iraqis, who are the descendants of those who invented first farming methods, they managed to grow the food they needed and still survive. Had it not been for Iraqis knowing their shit when it comes to farming and agriculture, many more would have died. The American commits suicide when his wife leaves him and Iraqis still manage to be normal people and so do Palestinians, Afghans, and others.

I'm not bullshitting but every Afghan I have met so far was so kind, sincere and generous. It's unbelievable that people can still be nice after all the agony, and the same is true of black people in America who are still cool people for the most part when they could be very well after every white person there is. I find Hitchens more dangerous than Iraqis and Muslims because his people have used dirty weapons, colonized and murdered millions. They say well Muslims would be worse if they had such weapons, but really? What's stopping them from making and paying for such weapons? Why haven't they thought of getting them before and why didn't Muslims behave so badly and dangerously when they had all the power in the world?

Why didn't they massacre all the Christians in Spain and Portugal or in the Middle East or the Hindus in India? Is 1000 years not enough when Hitler was able to do it in barely a decade?

Couldn't the Turks have done it? These are the same people who defeated Roman armies by the thousands when they were clearly outnumbered. There was a battle where 15,000 (urkish soldiers defeated over 60,000 Roman soldiers. Or what about Salahddin Ayoubi, who could have butchered all of the crusaders and their families but he let them go, and then there was Khalid Bin Walid, the sword of Allah, and he allowed the Byzantines to leave and gave them time to do it. Why didn't Muslims do the things that Hitchens and Harris are so afraid of? If Harris were alive during the time of Hitler, he would be baked in an oven for the Jew Fucker that he is. He would have been safe in the land of the Balkan Muslims or in Turkey and the Middle East.

Iran, Iraq and Yemen have some of the oldest Jewish communities in the world and they still alive. Iran has the most Jews in the Islamic world and they have no desire to leave their country, and the Jews of Yemen also love their country and don't leave for Israel or the west. There are Jews in every Muslim country and have been there for centuries, and there are Christians as well. Our heroes tell us how they fled Iraq because of persecution by Muslims, yet almost all of them and most of them didn't start leaving until 1991 and then again after the 2003 invasion. What kept them there for centuries that they only decided to run after the wars brought by Christians and the west? They were able to tolerate the "persecution" obviously but not sanctions, wars and losing everything.

Hitchens, Harris and the likes are a bunch of cowards, they are fanatics like them fuckers on FOX News. A bunch of conservative fucks who hide in safety while urging others to send their children to war. There is something interesting about republicans, not that democrats are much better, but many of the wars have been started by them, they are the biggest warmongers, yet they never fight in the wars. The Texans are some of the biggest bigots and warmongers yet hardly any of them go to war and enlist in the military. It's mostly poor people that fight and die in the wars.


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