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Re: "we are assyrians because..." Fact vs Opinion
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, August 25 2013, 6:54:47 (UTC)
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Let a white American who on vacation in Paris lose his documents and see if he can get back into the country by just saying he's American. Doesn't matter he's white, speaks American English, etc. He still has to get his papers. Of course the American also doesn't claim to be a direct descendant of JP Morgan nor does he make the silly claims out heroes make. When you're making the demands they're making, you have need to have prove. Native Americans have to prove their story in order to qualify for the exemptions that the US government gives to real Natives. These Christian dweebs would have to do the same. The "many" people who accept the Assyrian story aren't basing this on facts. They're just taking their words on it and most people don't even know what the fuck Aprim is talking about. They think they're talking about Syria and know nothing about Assyrians. There isn't anyone serious and certainly not an actual professional who believes their claims. It's amateurs who make the claims and other dweebs who accept it.

I've seen videos on youtube posted by heroes about genetics and the DNA thing study which supposedly proves these dweebs are related to ancient Assyrians. Of course what is not mentioned is that the DNA of the ancients was not sampled. It's not like they linked Aprim to Ashur Banipal and for the simple reason that they don't have the bodies of the ancients. Sure they can tell us that we are similar to the other people of the Middle East and so on but we already know that. Besides all that, it's impossible to be purely related to anyone because the ancient Assyrians were a mixture of different people themselves. If they weren't pure, how can these donkeys be directly related to them? Sure, they stopped mixing with others in recent centuries but that wasn't always the case and all that proves is that they marry their own more likely than foreigners but that has nothing to do with being real Assyrians.

I don't think anyone has ever argues there isn't anyone who has any relations to ancient Assyrians. Sure there are people who have Assyrian blood but that's not all. They also have Sumerian, Akkadian, Chaldeann Aramean, Amorite and everything else that existed there. All those other people just vanished and only these donkeys survived? And when things get really sweaty, they'll usually say "well all those people above were same as Assyrians and just used different names" and it ends like this. These people write their own history as they please and it isn't historians writing their story. It's mechanical engineers, priests, hair stylists and gas station owners. These are their sources and then you bring them an actual historian in this field who is Nestorian himself and they say why can you reject my source by I have to accept yours? It's not my information, but the research done by a professional who spent years looking into this and who was raised with the same beliefs. It's for a hero to grasp this so everyone must be their enemy and against them who doesn't buy their story. The Coptic fucks do the same thing in Egypt when they complain they don't have religious freedom but their complaints are full of shit.


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