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Robert de Kelaita....reducks
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, September 25 2018, 15:13:06 (UTC)
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Up pops this statement from my cousin. It's in the same vein as what I, at least, was fighting all along and so I must comment.

From Robert's Facebook Post:
"If anyone was keeping track of the US Attorneys in my case, it was very apparent how vested the US government was in disproving the idea that Assyrian/Chaldean Christians were persecuted in Iraq.

...that's because Christians in Iraq were NOT persecuted. For crimes of sedition they were PROsecuted, not persecuted. But you Christians love to say you are is your founding myth. You love to feel hated because it makes you feel right. Had Iraqis ever wanted to persecute Christians they would have destroyed all your churches over the last 1400 years...but they didn't. You just can't stand that it has been Christians who've done the persecuting and gassing and exiling and murder of Jews and Muslims and fellow can't stand it that followers of your "prince of peace" have wreaked this much carnage on the world so you try to smear others with your multiple crimes.

They fought this idea tooth and nail. And they fought to prove to the Court and the world that Assyrians and Chaldeans were different.

...both are a figment of European/Christian imaginations...neither has any are all merely Christians of the Mideast.

And they put on a show, being assisted by a lying and deranged attorney who once worked for me, and who now pretends to care for refugee populations, and lying former clients - or pressured former clients - who said they were not scared to be in Mosul, to prove that the idea that Assyrian Christians were persecuted was not true.

...African Americans are afraid to be in Chicago, or New York, or Ferguson, so? But they stay there. Christians were perfectly content to be in Mosul for over 1400 years until the Christians of the United States and Europe decided to attack all Iraqis for nothing at all except lies. That's what put fear into all Iraqis, not Islam.

What was the US government's interest in that case? The sequel was Detroit. Now comes this: to erase the very idea of a genocide in Iraq.

...the genocide in Iraq is of ALL Iraqis, by western Christians. There was no genocide in Iraq against Christians by fact it is amazing that Iraqi Muslims remained so calm and friendly towards their Christian neighbors considering how it was Christians doing the killing and destruction.

I will continue to fight for justice and will disclose those who lied - and continue to lie today - to show that what has happened to the Assyrian population was a figment of the imagination. It is one thing to argue about historical facts.

...what facts do you have to prove genocide against Iraqi Christians? What facts do you have which prove you ARE an Assyrian? None...I thought so. All you have is your say-so and opinion. You throw the word "genocide" around as if it has been proven and accepted...just because YOU say so, it is a fact. Really?

It is altogether another thing - a sick and depraved thing - to erase the tragedy that our people endured through such trickery.

….seems to me you're the one proven to have used lies and trickery...even if you believed your cause was good, the way you went about it was as bad as could be. Not for lying yourself but for aiming lies at the Muslim Iraqis whom you claimed had persecuted your joined in the chorus of Islamophobia kicking people while they were down and being pounded and vilified by the me that is the worst thing you did. You think when a lie is personally pleasing to you, or serves your purpose, it's ok, even most Christians.

People of goodwill and courage need to stand up."

...they did and that's what undid you. Many people received legitimate refugee status during the years you were lying and cheating for a "greater cause". You abused the entire system in service of your belief that you are an Assyrian and that Assyrians were being persecuted...also lies.

..I repeat, I don't mind your lying, as a general way to conduct yourself, what I do mind is your slander of the Iraqi people at a most cruel and unfortunate time in their me that is your greatest crime and good and honest people stood up to you.


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