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=> Russian shot in quarrel over Kantís philosophy

Russian shot in quarrel over Kantís philosophy
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, September 17 2013, 22:24:46 (UTC)
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-- Last week in Oakland a man shot his friend dead over an argument regarding his strong belief in god, but in Russia...

Russian shot in quarrel over Kantís philosophy
September 16, 2013
By Staff The Associated Press

MOSCOW Ė An argument in southern Russia over philosopher Immanuel Kant, the author of ďCritique of Pure Reason,Ē devolved into pure mayhem when one debater shot the other.

A police spokeswoman in Rostov-on Don, Viktoria Safarova, said two men in their 20s were discussing Kant as they stood in line to buy beer at a small store on Sunday. The discussion deteriorated into a fistfight and one participant pulled out a small nonlethal pistol and fired repeatedly.

The victim was hospitalized with injuries that were not life-threatening. Neither person was identified.

It was not clear which of Kantís ideas may have triggered the violence.


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