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Sorry, Reza
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, November 11 2019, 19:59:39 (UTC)
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I like the man and the scholar, very much. His insights are invaluable except he spoils it all by believing in religions.

He says that in the ancient world there were two kinds of was actual, factual, truth and the other was "things that are true to the 'message'". The ancients, he says, were not concerned with historical truth but rather with the truth of a message.

Fer instance, you might get the dates and the facts and the names of the participants and even the outcome of the battle of Waterloo completely wrong..."historically" wrong...but that wouldn't matter to the ancients as much as the message you chose to send as to the importance of such a battle in exposing a moral truth.

That may have been fine for the ancient sheepshit herders, at a time when they didn't even know any actual history besides tribal legends...but it certainly wont do today....the last thing we need now is to ignore actual facts in favor of "messaging"...of delivering "moral" truths.

Religions still play at this, as does the Republican Party. Facts don't matter as much as what you are trying to "say, or reveal" as maybe a more powerful "truth" than what actually happened.

This is Trump's stock in trade.


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