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Super size Americans
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, May 21 2012, 2:42:22 (UTC)
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Research shows that most US adults are either overweight or obese(63.1%) and the numbers are going up. Children are also overweight or obese. Now when you ask the average American why the rest of the world is angry and hate the US, he doesn't blame his government's foreign policy or actions for it, but says that they are all jealous of them. Jealous of what exactly? What is it that the American has or can do that others don't have? Is it technology? Definitely not. Most of Europe, Japan, and other countries are very high tech and the average actually can see and enjoy it. There are better trains and buses in those other countries, better electricity than in the US where they rely on telephone poles with wires wrapped around and that go out whenever a little wind storm happens or a tree colapses on one.

Americans go to jail for the little things that people elsewhere can do. We walked around with cans of beer or bottles of alcohol without getting in trouble with the law. We would be out all night without the police once asking us for identification. Only the wealthy and super rich Americans can enjoy some things but the average can only dream while sitting in front of the TV set. Work more hours for less money, with no benefits and keep getting poorer while you work even harder. The average workers in France, Germany, Sweden and other countries in the region work less hours per week than American workers and still get paid more, have easier jobs and tons of benefits. I have been working at my current job for two years now and I only get about one week vacation per year.

Again, I ask the American what it is that people are so jealous of or could it be something else? Do Americans think people are this stupid not to know or see through the bullshit? People are fed up with America and everyone in the world seems aware of what's going on to some extend except the American people who are the most misinformed while thinking they know it all. The fucking American doesn't even have his own opinion and is told how to think. He operates like a robot and then thinks he's better off than everyone else. Most of them can't even find australia on the map but everyone is jealous of them. When I travel, I see so many Europeans on vacation, going to other countries and cities, and the American can only see other countries if he is wealthy or in the military.

I used to think Germans were racists, yet they were always in Morocco, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, etc. Americans go to Athens for vacation, and I don't mean in Greece but Athens in Alabama or Georgia.


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