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Syrian Children vs Iraqi Children
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, September 4 2013, 2:32:00 (UTC)
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...I guess America really hates Iraqi kids.

We're being asked to weep over 400 Syrian children killed by gas (if you believe the numbers or gas)...we're shown photos on the news over and over again....this is terrible we are told, it is inhumane, it can't be tolerated, who would DO such a thing...they ask us.

They wouldn't show us photos of the children America killed in Iraq...that was off-limits...according to Amnesty International and the International Red Cross US imposed Sanctions killed 700,000 Iraqi children UNDER the age of five...and who knows how many more over. They died from starvation...and starvation takes longer than gas...starvation causes children to cry at first, and then whimper, and then just wait to die...starvation is a horrible, drawn out way to die...imagine those parents having to watch, unable to do anything...and then there were the diseases, diseases Iraq had gotten rid of which all came back with hunger...and there was no medicine because we wouldn't let Iraq buy any...and so their children died, over ten years and we were not outraged...we didn't ask, "Who could DO this"?

When Madeline Albright, Clinton's Secretary of War was asked about the five thousand Iraqi babies under five dying every month because of us, not Saddam, she said she was aware of the numbers but felt that it was an "acceptable" price to pay...even though the supposed strategy of angering the parents by killing their children, didn't work and they went on supporting Saddam because they knew who was really killing their children, and so we went in anyway and WE killed, but only after 700,000 babies paid the ultimate price. Was not that heroic...was not that the "new" America....the America that was "exceptional"?

But we love Syrian children...why? Because MUSLIMS are killing them. These children are "useful" to us...and by us I mean Raytheon, Boeing, Halliburton, G.E. and the rest of them.


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