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The Disgusting Memorial Day Vaudville Show
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, May 30 2017, 5:02:11 (UTC)
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...what an obscene sight. The Marines pop band...the Navy one-man band...the Army Barbershop Quartet and all of them celebrating what?

For 60 years the military has been making war on poor Darkies, murdering and maiming hundreds of thousands of innocent children and parents, interfering in their countries and ruining lives, of people who never did a thing to us.

...and for this they are giving each other medals and calling each other heroes and hugging and weeping and praising their bloodthirsty god....what a disgusting sight.

No doubt the Nazis would have put on a show just as good. Oh, wait. They DID! Much better, but with the same theme..."we are great because we kill easily".


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