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The Selling of Assyrian Heritage
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, November 3 2018, 15:37:45 (UTC)
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-- I copied this from the Facebook page of AAASC:

"Thank you to Barron's for explaining the Assyrian perspective of this unethical sale. People interviewed included Ramond Takhsh, president of AAASC, and Helen Malko, an Assyrian archaeologist at the Middle East Institute at Columbia University.

“A lot of people feel that their heritage has been wiped out and destroyed,” Malko says. The sale to an unknown bidder, who may keep it in a private collection, is viewed as an “addition to the ongoing cultural genocide,” she says. “It’s just a different format.”

Ramond Takhsh, president of the Assyrian American Association of Southern California, agreed.

“This is not an automobile, this is not a used car. This is our history,” Takhsh says. “Just because you have the right to do something doesn’t mean in and of itself it’s right.”

The article also references the anonymous letter we posted entitled "Letter to the Highest Bidder" '

-- Does anyone know what it is that's being sold? Is it the stolen artifacts from Iraq's museum?


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