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The Two Pillars of Folly
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, May 1 2012, 0:47:39 (UTC)
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...T E Lawrence had his Seven Pillars of Wisdom, but then he was dealing with Arabs...we've got only two pillars and there's no wisdom in them...but they form the foundation of the assyrian cause.

Pillar number one:
We are the direct lineal descendants of the ancient Assyrians and ONLY Christians.

Pillar Number Two:
The Muslims have so destroyed and persecuted and murdeerd us that we have to have our own enclave.

Both positions require mendacity of staggering proportions...we've seen how no one can substantiate their claim to being Assyrian...and we've yet to get anyone to give us an actual example of Muslim atrocities so outlandish that they require a separate play room for assyrians.


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