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The security State: Not Getting Our Money's Worth....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, September 13 2013, 4:48:46 (UTC)
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...somebody is bullshitting.

When the Berlin Wall came down the CIA had no clue...not even that morning...and our politicians and FBI, everybody, first learned of it from the newscasts that same day it started...where were all our secret security spies and all those trillions dollars we're told to pump into them so they can find these kinds of things least the day before?

Same with 9/ took them all by surprise..had no idea it was coming...all those spies spying on all our emails and whatnots and no one knew? Same with the Boston bombing...where are they all, these spies that say they keep us SAFE so let's shred the Constitution some more?

They tell us they have caught lots and lots...what...a shoe bomber here and there? But these big do they pull them off under their noses?

We know Condi Rice had a memo placed on her desk saying Bin Laden was going to strike the Towers with stolen passenger planes...but she said she didn;t read it...then what are the spies for if no one will heed their warnings? And WHY don't they...if they are all working to keep us safe?

They say they can't follow every lead...then what good are they? How come they manage to catch the few clowns they have but manage to miss the big devastating ones? Were there other warnings, too many warnings, that Condo couldn't be bothered with that one?

Or, could it be, must it be, that they DO know, but let these things happen, only stopping the silly ones here and there so we think they're busy saving us?

It's one or the other...either they are incredibly expensive incompetents who so far have only attacked our Constitution....or they know and perhaps nudge certain things along...also for the purpose of shredding that has to be one or the other...either grossly incompetent or sneakily going about some other agenda we dare not imagine.


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