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Tim Tebow Loses Jesus or.........
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, September 17 2013, 16:45:14 (UTC)
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...when God bites you in the arse.

Fans somewhere are rallying for some NFL team to hire Tim Tebow....Tim was "God's Quarterback" given to praying on one knee, in front of everybody as well as painting biblical verse numbers under his eyes, which might explain why he connected on so few passes.

Tebow, and others who point to the sky and thank Jesus, only when they win, brought this on themselves. Making God your partner, only when you win, sort of exposes him, and they, for the jive artists they are.

When Tebow throws three interceptions and no completions, who is he going to thank? When he completes a pass he tells us God was on his come Tebow doesn't remind us of his god when he blows it?

Let me guess...the devil made him do it? And, if so, and given how Tebow's career has gone, I'd say the Devil is more powerful then de Lawd....and why should the Devil or God give a shit about pass interceptions anyway?

The whole thing is silly.


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