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To Put it At Its Simplest, for you Fareed...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, April 30 2012, 2:15:05 (UTC)
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...there is something called tautalogy in a devote of logic you should know's also called circular-reasoning where you use what you are trying to prove, to prove it.

The issue is, are there modern assyrians? Since that is what is in question, you cannot use their existence as if it is already proven...that is the mistake in this study of yours...these guys are looking for an assyrian gene, let's they go looking in people who tell them they are assyrians...with no can't use the existence of assyrians prove the existence of have to use some other measure.....kay?

They should have tested ALL populations in Iran to see if any gene would then tell them who were the assyrians, but of course they can't do that because there IS NO ASSYRIAN GENE!...they ONLY looked in people who self-identified as assyrians, for an ASSYRIAN GENE!...forgetting, or not knowing, that according to assyrians you can ONLY be Christian, if you are assyrian...had they known that bit of foolishness, they would have known better than to measure a Christian sect CALLING itself assyrian, and then drawing ANY conclusions about ASSYRIANS from that.



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