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Turkey's Real Record....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, August 17 2013, 5:22:59 (UTC)
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...Christians hate to admit it, but Turkey and the Ottoman Empire were the only places on earth where Muslim, Jew and Christian lived in peace and harmony, when Christian Europe was tearing fingernails and burning Christians, right up to this century in Ireland...they can't stand that the only Holocaust in history was brought to the world by Christians...or that slavery in America was the WORST the world has ever seen...trouble for Christians in the MidEast started when Western Christianity found them a convenient pretext for meddling in Muslim countries.

It is not "Racist" to learn to hate the people and the religion of the people who attack and murder you and your children and steal your oil and land...that has nothing to do with "race" (note:there is only ONE race) is not racism or anti-Judaism when Palestinians hate Israelis....they do not hate them for their supposed race, or religion...they hate them for what they have DONE, not what they are(Jews) or what they believe(Judaism).

Western Christians had no reason to hate Blacks EXCEPT for their skin color, which we call Racism...Africans had done NOTHING to Europe or America....European Christians had no reason to hate Jews, in fact they should have been very grateful to them, but they hated them anyway and only because of their religion...Muslims and Turks have REASON to hate Christians because of what Christians have DONE and continue to do....this is NOT Racism but normal human behavior. It is normal to despise those who treat you with great hatred, violence and is Christian to hate people for their religion, even if it is another form of Christians have shown us repeatedly.

It is the Christians who are Racist...Turks are reacting TO those racists...there is a difference. The woman who blinds her rapist is not "equally violent" fact, she isn;t violent at all...she is merely protecting herself as best she can...Taco would condemn HER as the "violent" one while ignoring his Christian rapist roots.


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