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Turns Out, Syria/Assyria doesn't matter...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, May 1 2012, 14:29:24 (UTC)
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...I had thought that was the clincher, what gave the ultimate lie to the "we-always-knew-we-were-assyrians" position...because if Syria meant Aram and the Arameans, it obviously couldn't mean Assyria also, because the two are different places and people...and I'm still not convinced that the Turkey Tablet settles the issue...rather it looks like just one more distraction these assyrians throw at you as they head for the exists, usually to avoid talking about the mountain of evidence they still are too afraid to address.

But even if the Tablet is right, even if, in the 8th century, Syria meant the same as Assyria...we have other facts, far more recent, which show that assyrians didn't know they were assyrians, regardless of that Tablet, till the Euros fact, that Tablet could just be an instance of the confusion about those two names, which has persisted to this day...but, as I say, it doesn't matter...because we have hard evidence that, until the 19th century, Nestorians weren't calling themselves Assyrians...but Chaldeans instead.

Layard, and a pope and several others all attest to the fact that no one was calling himself an Assyrian...only Chaldean, either Catholic Chaldean or Nestorian Chaldean...

It makes no sense that proud Assyrians, not calling themselves that but Suryaye instead, would run after the Catholic re-converts who had "Chaldean" added to their church by Rome, and call themselves "Chaldeans" too...why wouldn't they have insisted they ere Assyrians and "always knew we were"?

When I get back to California I'm going to look up Rollinger at UC Berkeley, through friends of his who are also friends of mine, and ask what he thinks about this. Rollinger isn't concerned with the workings of the modern assyrian mind, when you can find one...his concern with the Turkey Tablet is to determine if, 2700 years ago, Syria meant the same as Assyria....even if it does, our assyrians still have all their work ahead of them...they still have to explain a boatload of discrepancies about "always knowing we were assyrians", starting with; how come you didn't SAY it come you called yourselves Chaldeans as well as the Nestorians who returned to Rome...and how does this Tablet prove that YOU,and only you Christians, are direct lineal descendants,,,after all, we admit that people have CALLED themselves Assyrians, and lots of other things...but where is the evidence that YOU are the descendants of those ancient Assyrians, since not even Layard called you Assyrians?


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