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Walid..."The Sword of Islam"....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, August 23 2013, 23:37:24 (UTC)
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...what I learned about him that particularly impressed me, and Islam, was that when his army captured a Christian village and taxed it, in order to feed his men but also to protect the villagers from the fury of the Byzantine Romans who would have slaughtered them all....that when the battle shifted and Walid's soldiers were forced to abandon the village, the Christian villagers begged him not to go because they knew he would protect them...but he had to leave and before going he RETURNED the money collected because he could not protect them and therefore would not keep their money...fortunately Walid returned victorious and the villagers were overjoyed and paid their "taxes" joyously.

...this is the story our idiots don't know or won't repeat; that Arabs SAVED our people...that's right. Just read what the Romans were doing to "heretics", to the way they treated Nestorious, for about how they forced orthodoxy at the point of a sword....and who saved the "heretics" Not the Christians but Muslims who respected Jesus and his followers, to a point...and treated them far better than Christians did.'s in all the real and actual history books so naturally our people don't believe their "opinion" universities are all wrong...grandma got it right...and just LOOK AT THEM...look no further than Taco and you'll see what an education in history at your Grandma's knee will give you.


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