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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, May 17 2012, 23:17:27 (UTC)
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Website title: evidence shows that Zimmerman is the one yelling for help, not Martin...Martin did indeed punch Zimmerman around...I would have done it would Zimmerman if a short stumpy white man was chasing him. If Zimmerman claims self-defense in shooting Martin....why aren't the punches thrown by Martin also in self-defense self-defense? Both men were "defending themselves" that night...but who started it? Zimmerman had no good reason to play cop, to ignore actual police orders to back off and let police officers do it...his aggression caused a self-dfensive reaction from Martin...but Martin didn't do anything, except be Black, to start the process in Zimmerman that led him to BECOME "afraid".

And what of the Black woman who received 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot at her abusive husband...the judge in that case said that because the woman re-entered her house, after having run to the garage and presumed safety, to return with a gun and fire the shot...because she returned, she cannot claim self-defense, because she COULD HAVE gone the same way Zimmerman COULD HAVE listened to the police and NOT chased Martin.

The difference in the two cases, again, is that one is white and the other is Black...and a woman. Zimmerman can ignore the police, can place himself in danger but yet claim self-defense...but the Black woman cannot claim self-defense because she "could have" avoided the could've Zimmerman.


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