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=> ...almost...but not quite.

...almost...but not quite.
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, August 18 2013, 5:18:17 (UTC)
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...this is from Maggie's site...

Youel, I didn't write the article. But it's proof that what the KRG says and what it does are two different things.

Just as I said many times, and this article proves it, no self-respecting Assyrian can ever live with these Kurdish thugs and barbarians. That's what the article is about. Our people have no choice but to leave Shikhtastan, thanks to Western Christian Imperialists and their Kurdish puppets. forgot to mention thanks to asyrians who cheered on the attack and destabilization of their own country and the murder of their neighbors....just a slight detail you missed when blaming everyone BUT yourselves.

...note: Maggie and the few people left there ALL read over do hundreds of other, imagine that we are actually in a fight with them, you know, us against the brave assyrians, and they KNOW where we can be you see any of them come looking for their "enemies"? I don't.

...we drag them over (because they don't dare allow us to get at them), so eager and ready are we to fight....they RUN, so NOT eager and willing are they to fight...and with just words and ideas at that.

Many a time I've dragged youel and Maggie over here and slapped them think they're going to defend themselves? You think if a band of Qurds attacked assyrians with actual guns, any ONE of them would face it out? You think?

Look no further than Taco...who posted a bikini clad babe and told us all about POWER! Look at how he recoils in horror and disgust at any enemy who would seek to "destroy" him....bless him though...we couldn't PAY someone to be so obliging.


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