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another hero who is a "historian"
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, May 4 2012, 8:52:55 (UTC)
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I'm sure pancho has more than likely heard of him and his name is william warda. I was messing around on google about modern assyrians and I seen him being referred to as an author and historian. The person quoting him and encouraging others to read his works was none other than Fred Aprim. So I looked him up to see what his profession is and turns out he is an engineer also(another Aprim) yet being called a historian and has written books. He is married to that lesbian looking woman, pascal warda. He has his own website and that's where I saw that he wasn't even a historian but just another amateur. It's very safe to say that anyone who writes a book is a historian in the eyes of the heroes. It doesn't matter what that person does for a living or what his profession is. You can be a linguist, cashier, chef, janitor, pimp, farmer, mathematician, or anything you want and you will still be a historian according to them.

All you have to do is get them printing companies to put your works in book form and you become an author and historian so easily. We have one true historian on the Nestorians who is also one himself yet he is ignored by the heroes for the amateurs. No wonder they say there is no need to get a degree in history to write about it. Why waste time when you can be an author and historian anyway and without needing to spend years studying? All sounds easy and cool except when serious information is needed and that janitor or Fred Aprim is not called or asked about modern Assyrians. This is when Aprim will issue his warnings and tell his little followers that they need to be aware and so and so is working for CIA.


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