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came back cute as ever....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, August 21 2013, 20:13:20 (UTC)
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Taoro wrote:
>I understand that you are lonely and need a friend but you just have to play with you muslim friend retard while im away, im sorry if i cant find it interesting to keep repeating my self and to keep reading the same thing that you post over and over. I will however do my best to pop by now and then so that you have something to do, if i may suggest maby a job could help you keep your mind of me and the assyrian girl with the bikini.

...the guy willfully misses the point....we want him here because he serves our purpose...anyone who wants friends on the internet is nutz....what we want is assyrian warriors such as hisself who will come on here and show everyone how ignorant, obtuse and ineffective they are...we can do it without them quite ell...but how much better when we have a willing example. else and where else, than assyria, can you get a guy who says you're his enemy, and then criticizes you for being "destructive"? How precious is that? How revealing about what assyrians think along a wide range of war...fighting...enemies etc.? isn't loneliness, and he knows it...he just can't think of another response, because the truth is too painful. He's here because his ego can't yet allow him to leave, though he would dearly love to be banned...because he has noting to say that puts his case in a positive light...he is ignorant, ill-educated...intellectually limited AND, and this is most important, PROWD! he has to be because the only way he can be assyrian is if the entrance requirements are kept very, VERY low. If being assyrian required education, courage, the ability to frame an argument, dedication, self-sacrifice and wisdom, he and every assyrian nationalist would be screwed. Taco and the rest being "assyrian" MUST remain an easy thing, requiring nothing more than waking up in the morning and repeating yesterday's has to require NO reading of real books, NO thinking, LOTS of repeating and on and on....and yet it shouldn't look Taco is forced to show up here now and then and say something lame...never to the point and certainly nothing new and challenging, because there ISN'T any "there" there. disguise the utter poverty of being "assyrian" he at least has to not be seen as obviously running away...banning himself...though there is nothing he wants's all about "looks" long as Taco LOOKS like he's "answering" he thinks no one notices.....


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