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=> control YOU "easier"?????

control YOU "easier"?????
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, August 17 2013, 15:53:18 (UTC)
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if you ask me that is a deliberate strategy from the goverment so that they can control us easyer.

....whaaat? Who the hell wants or needs to, "control you easyer"??? Where do you pose a threat to ANYBODY? Are you mad? Who needs to control people who are afraid of being "destroyed" by their enemies and who are looking for "constructive" ones instead? Who needs to fear people who run from "DESTRUCTIVE" words?!?!?

..what a glorified notion you have of your "threat" to anybody. Honestly!!!

...don;t you have ANY friends who could caution you, or are they all as "powerful" as you are?


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