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=> cop murders Black....stay calm, if you're white.

cop murders Black....stay calm, if you're white.
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, September 16 2013, 23:35:11 (UTC)
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(CNN) -- Jonathan Ferrell, a 24-year-old North Carolina man, suffered a severe late-night car crash. His car slipped into a ravine. He had to kick his way out the back windshield.

He managed to get out of the car and go to a nearby home, where he knocked on the door repeatedly for help.

When police arrived, he approached them -- and one shot him repeatedly, killing him on the spot.

Let's see...if you're Black and anywhere near police...they will kill you if you..

a. Come towards them.
b. Move away from them.
c. Stay where you are (Oscar Grant).

..just what ARE you supposed to do? where police area round


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