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cut to the economic chase...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, September 21 2013, 18:47:08 (UTC)
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Back in June, local lawmakers in Washington, D.C., approved a bill called the Large Retailer Accountability Act. The act proposed that large retailers — those doing businesses in spaces of 75,000 square feet or more and earning more than $1 billion in annual sales — increase the minim wage paid to employees from $8.25 per hour (a local minimum already $1 above the federal) to $12.50 per hour.

“The Council of the District of Columbia declares that it is the policy of the district to promote living wage jobs to help working families make ends meet and protect the health, safety, and welfare of our community,” read the bill. “Large retailers are becoming an important source of jobs for local residents. Some large retailers pay very low wages and do not provide their workers affordable health benefits. Without safeguards, large retailers threaten to erode both living standards for working families in the District, especially given the cost of living in the District.” got voted the "people's" representatives...really? The "people's"???? It all boils down to this...the tools are there, however imperfectly designed by our "Founding Daddies"...if WE can't or won't use them, whose fault is it?'s where rhetoric about :"worker's rule" fails. Workers, it seems, aren't able to govern themselves after all...they can't even do something as simple as elect people who will actually represent their own interests....they actually still believe that the better the millionaire's do, the better THEY will do...if forty years of this bullshit hasn't been enough to teach them otherwise, what's Marx or Lenin got to offer? Especially when they won't even listen to Nader?

...for decades now the wealthy have told us that unless they make unbridled profits, they won;t do anything...does anyone believe that? Let's say the entire world worked at a McDonalds for minimum wage..and McDonald's was looking to promote one of us to management, but refused to pay more than 10% extra salary...who would refuse? Who would hold out, preferring to work the grease rather than sit at the table? These money motherfuckers go crazy for a dime really think they'd refuse to move out of the kitchen unless you paid them way too much?

...Tax me at 90%...I'd still prefer it to making so little that I'm "tax-free".


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