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doing the assyrian math....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, May 4 2012, 13:12:49 (UTC)
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...we've seen enough here to know that all our heroes have come to grief and had to leave, blubbering and sputtering in one way or another....they simply can't sustain their arguments...they do sort of okay at the start, when they make their noble-sounding declarations of who they are and what they are owed...but as you get into it with them they begin to break down, they sweat, they shift to attacking the messenger instead of the message and soon they're fucking your mother and anything else they can hurl at you, just to slow you down, as they run for the exists...and it shouldn't be surprising.

All of us have had the experience of being called to the blackboard in math class to work out a formula or problem....and we start out well enough by carefully writing out the "knowns", the "X" and the "Y"...and we line everything up nicely, and clean the dust from the board and then begin...step one.....step two...carry this down....move this over....cancel out these two and so on...until the end we see that we're way off the mark...and the teacher has us check our work and we find that, way back at the beginning, we wrote 2 + 2 = 6....without realizing it, so that we carried that mistake all the way through to the end and it fucked up every step after it till we came out way over in Left Field.....

THAT'S what it's like watching an assyrian work out his "heritage", or explain his "evidence", and grow increasingly frustrated till at the end of the process he looks and sounds more like a Hottentot than an Assyrian.

The very foundation to their argument is way off....way WAY off....which is the reason they come to grief. Since only we scrutinize their work closely, while everyone else accepts whatever answer they come up with, WE become the reason they fail miserably, not their own errors, starting out with their first one; that they are descended from the ancients...after that one, critical, mistake, nothing ever goes right from then on.

Look at them....


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