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don't mention Hitler....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, October 31 2017, 17:14:00 (UTC)
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...we're always admonished never to mention Hitler in regards to current in don;t compare ANYTHING to Hitler, supposedly because nothing could ever come close.

I think that's foolish and stupid...the rise of that form of Christianity is a good case study which should be far better known and talked about...but what's with all the kind words for white supremacy and traitors?

Now Kelly has joined those claiming there was good and honor on both sides of the Civil War....he says the inability to compromise is what led to that war...hinting he means compromise on BOTH sides....and he's just plain nuts. Either he was all along or contact with Trump has ruined him.

...and, he never once mentions slavery.

There was no possibility of compromise with people who insisted they had a right to treat human beings as animals, worse than animals really...and efforts were made to find compromise but the core of the issue was slavery, a cruel and immoral system...and how do you compromise with that?

Lee was NOT an honorable man....every citizen's duty was to the nation, to the United States of America NOT to his state, or country, or club...I'm sure even thieves and murderers have some sort of "code of honor", among themselves, but they certainly have no such code with the rest of us.

The Confederacy would not give up slavery and they were afraid that if no new states could join as slave, or one slave for one non-slave, that soon they would be out-voted in Congress and slavery would one day be they took the first step to avoid this, they attacked the rest of the nation and caused 600,000 young Americans their lives.

Ok, it's "part of our history"...but a shameful part....a part we would have been much better off to have avoided...and we DID try...but the Confederacy declared actual war, the nation declared a democratic, eventual, "war" against slavery, the institution, not the South as a whole...we would eventually have voted slavery out with no need to kill anyone......without that war the nation would eventually have, democratically, voted out slavery...that's the way things are SUPPOSED to work in a Democracy...the South wanted a Tyranny...or to extend the one they already had.


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