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finally, "intelligence" at Maggie's
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, September 3 2013, 4:17:40 (UTC)
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Website title: least she's very impressed that a new fellow there has more then three sentences to add to the "greatness" of assyria....

By:Abboud Dankha
Date: 9/1/2013, 6:21 am

Dear Youel,ok,lets "stay away from sentiments" as you put it,and start with real issues.
The crucial changes require many individuals taking action on different levels.

...after ten years of getting no response this guy will finally ask for 1000 assyrians!

The biggest obstacle to achieve that is our feeling of powerlessness.Personal power can lead to people power.

...oh no...pretty soon he'll post the photo of the bikini babe....what do these people mean by personal power? Is that what Taco shows us? Is that what Aprim and Bethshlimon demonstrate when they run from words and discussions? Just where has anyone seen personal power emanating from an assyrian? I've looked everywhere for 30 years and haven't see a sign of it.

And according to Gandhi,"Almost anything you do will seem insignificant,but it is very important that you do it".

...for assyrians it reads slightly different..."everything you do will be insignificant but seem very important to you".

We can have the experience of making a difference by starting with the closest things such as writing,organizing campaigns,forming groups.

...jeez...we're at 1000 assyrians already. "Writing"? Is he serious? Does he just mean the act of writing...or does it matter what the content is? "organizing campaigns" do what? This is all sounding old already.

Empowerment needs not only changing our perception of others ,but our perception of ourselves needs to be changed too.

...alas, you will never perceive yourselves as what you truly are, not assyrians but garden-variety Christians. You will go on MIS-perceiving yourselves as assyrians...and therein is your tragedy.

In other words we have to stop devaluing ourselves and learn the art of affirming ourselves and others. one, absolutely no one devalues you do it to yourselves. Just look at Taco's performance here...he is "strong"...he is a "champion of my people"...he "fights for assyria"...and look at him! WE value ourselves over here, that's the reason we made an actual true and real forum and not a private message board...that's why we don;t ban people, like your Maggie does, or demand passwords, like your Maggie does...that's why we encourage open debate to the point where we even DRAG you people out from where you're hiding in the hopes that you'll follow and reclaim some dignity by actually ENGAGING someone in, who find it so easy to go fight Arabs and Turks and Qurds but don't dare TALK to us.

To collide with our internal self critic could lead to disastrous outcomes.

...not if it was real..and not if you were real. But you are false and you have false pride, a tendency to puff yourselves up, to brag and boast and all the time you know it is all emptiness inside...and you insult yourselves as a consequence.

Once we realize our problems,and understand that our actions are crucial in order to make a difference,then we have the task of finding ways to sustain those actions.

...what "difference"? This is the same old treacle one of you comes up with whenever your previous months of bombast have brought you nothing but more's a cycle with you start out by making proclamations, challenges, you may write some declarations and manifestos...then one of you issues a call for 1000 or 10 real men to meet someplace...then after some weeks go by and no one responds, you go through a critical "evaluation", you hurl some insults, you urge some action...and pretty soon, when nothing comes of anything,someone very much like you, and maybe it is you all the time, comes back and writes just what you have..and you're all off and running again...and I DO mean running.

This needs people with vision,courage,energy,expertise,sense of nationalism and in some cases finance and publicity.

...none of which any of you fact, if you had any sort of gainful employment and weren't living off of Welfare, or living at home, but had actual jobs with real responsibilities, you wouldn't be issuing these calls to "action".

I know its not easy task,but its possible. it isn't. I know you think that because something is possible, it can happen...but it has to be PROBABLE too. It's possible the sun may not rise tomorrow. after all, it COULD happen...but is it it likely? What you ask for is possible, after all humans have done greater things..but, for YOU, it isn't isn't isn't even remotely just SOUNDS good...and that, dear friend, is all you people are about....what SOUNDS good when you say wonder Maggie was impressed with SOUND intelligent.

Best regard.

...sure thing.


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