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finding the time for your enemies....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, September 8 2013, 18:17:03 (UTC)
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...I swear these assyrians are the most cowardly of all. They can't be bothered to "make time" to confront their's always, "I have no time to waste on you..."...which they only say when they know they are going to lose, or come up short. It's like they WOULD appear on the battlefield but only if they were guaranteed a victory...then they would find the time.....then it wouldn't be "wasted"....but, unless they know they can win, they refuse to show up at all.

How come we find the come we MAKE the time? We're ready to lose..always ready and eager to be "bested". Is it our fault none of them, not even Taco, has been able to do it? Hell, just getting them to show up is a battle.

You can't convince me you want a job if you refuse to show up for the interview...because you might not get tell me you really want it but will only come to the interview if you can be promised the job, ahead of time. It would be safe to conclude that this kind of a person really prefers his Welfare check....and that's what we have for warriors...welfare heroes who would if they could but can't, so they won't.


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