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=> here is another problem with the gene study

here is another problem with the gene study
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, May 1 2012, 22:23:02 (UTC)
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Even if they grab every Nestorian and test them, all they're doing is testing it against one another and modern populations. It's not like they're testing it against the ancients and comparing. The ancients aren't around and weren't a pure race of people. It's not logic no matter what expert is carrying out the study. Assyria fell 600 years before Jesus existed. That's a long time and a lot happens in such long period. How he the hell can someone say that this particular group of people are directly descended from a people that weren't pure themselves and that lived so long before. Arrow tells us John Joseph doesn't say what the Nestorians were calling themselves before, and in his own opinion they were Assyrian. We know this is bullshit and there wasn't any people calling themselves Assyrians even 200 years after the fall. So what were they and what are the Nestorians of today? Are they Assyrians as they claim now? Nope, they are not. They haven't mixed much in recent times but that doesn't make them direct descendants of the ancient Assyrians.

One of my favorites is when a hero, after defeat, says what's is it to you what we call ourselves and everyone else has the right to call himself whatever he wants. Sure and fine, but it doesn't stop there. This isn't just about grabbing a name and life goes on. Then comes the demands, the absurdities that follow, getting their own in trouble and wanting special treatment. They play indigenous with the label and expect things. They say it's their land and Muslims are foreigners and invaders and occupying the country. It gets more out of hand and then they are told not to live with Muslims or be friends with them. It's not just a label but much more than that, and the hero who is calling others out, making demands and telling the remaining Christians in Iraq how to behave is living far away and in safety. They are not considered anymore indigenous than the Arab or the Kurd. All have been there for a long time and that makes them indigenous even according to the UN.

Call yourself whatever you want, and Iraqis haven't stopped them from that. They don't take it too serious, but when you step out of line and start making your silly demands, and encouraging or starting problems, you will be held accountable. Let a native Brazilian tell the white skinned Portuguese to leave his country and see what happens. Let the native of Australia tell the whites to leave and it's his country, and it's funny that these heroes have all gone to Australia, Canada, America, etc. Countries that were stolen and the native populations were mass murdered. That's where arrow lives, and that's where Aprim and all the heroes have ran to, and that's where they make their demands from.


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