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=> hereīs a FACT for you....

hereīs a FACT for you....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, May 7 2012, 19:04:41 (UTC)
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..Aprim, Bebla and the rest of your opinion-mongers could not get their manuscripts published by any reputable publishing house....that is a fact.

Most people who write up manuscripts prefer to get paid, rather than pay, for publishing their works...and the vast majority send their manuscripts to actual publishers...only when they get tired of being rejected do they go to the Vanity-Press business and pay to have their books printed NOT published.

I seriously doubt whethr Aprim or Bebla or any of you opinion-mongers even bother to do all know well enugh what these books of yours are you donīt go straight to the print-jobbers.

It is a fact that...

1. Serious people with serious books prefer serious publishers.

2. No one chooses to go the job-shop printer route.

3. Your assyrian books all go to jobbers.

4. Your assyrian books have never been published by any real publisher.

5. Dr Josephīs books have been published for real.

...these are all facts. Now, everyone can have opinions about these facts, but you canīt make up your own facts, just your own opinions.

So, from these facts, I draw this conclusion, or "opinion" if you prefer....

You assyrian books arenīt worth crap.

Thatīs my opinion...but, given the facts I cited to arrive at this opinion, Iīd say my statement about your assyrian books being not worth crap, is also a FACT.

...what opinions do you draw from the above facts?


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