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if this world operated with this kind of mind
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, May 5 2012, 4:54:35 (UTC)
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We would all be in trouble. Someone should contact the states department and any student of history and tell them they don't need to contact a historian or read such books. Just go to anyone who has written a book on a subject even if he is not qualified. They should contact Aprim, Bebla, Warda and other amateurs. I wonder why they have never thought about contacting just any ass. Of course this is the eucharist argument all over again, and the denying, playing, disappearing and then come back again with new shit. Since this is all just opinions and John Joseph's book is just his own opinion, bring a historian of the same field that supports your opinion. Let's see what you got. But after almost five years of dealing with you I know you are full of shit. I'm aware of this game of yours and how you play stupid and deny anything that is very obvious, such as what the eucharist is or what modern Assyrians claim. You just deny it and pretend to be the opposite and that's because your weak. Just like we had to get your own source for you because you weren't brave enough to bring your source. We always have to do your homework for you and it's like this with every hero.

I know I'm repeating myself, but I say it again. If Joseph is just writing his opinion, why the fuck did brill publish his book? If it's just opinion, why didn't he go to the same place your friends and heroes go to? His opinion was same as yours, mine and every hero. He changed his opinion when he learned what is correct and that's something a historian has to be willing to do just like a scientist may have a theory and try to find evidence to support it, but then later finds out it's wrong and he has to accept what is true. This isn't one of those arguments based on a theory or something ambiguous and there may be a 100 different interpretations. That's the bible, and other theories which aren't established. We not dealing with that.

As I said, bring not 100 different historians with different interpretations but bring just one who supports your view. You haven't done it in all the years you been here and you never will. As for your not having time, I work two jobs, have a life, and keep busy as well, but I still responds, read and put you heroes in place. I never run from you cowards.


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