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keg of whine.....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, August 26 2013, 5:14:33 (UTC)
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In Response To: Atouraya Akhchi B'shima (youel)

Last night August 25th was a Poetry Night organized to pay tribute to the Late Ninos Aho. To my utmost disappointment we had an audience of only 60 people, 12 of them Poets and their close friends mostly elderly that I had seen before. No Youth, because they were attending a religious gathering organized by the Bishop (so much for support). I turned to my wife who participated in this event and said to her; is this what we are working for. Is this the Assyria that we are about to snatch it from under the feet of the occupiers. Is this the dream that we are dreaming. Is this how we will turn IRAQ into ASSYRIA? Are our Ancestors proud of what we are, or are turning in their graves in embarrassment . No wonder our Youth in “Jalloutta; are turning to be gays for recognition. Shame., will not turn Iraq into anything except maybe a Christian-free zone...that's all that your "work" has achieved for your nayshun.

...somebody's Gayness is acting up!


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