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=> making monuments and getting "back" assyria....

making monuments and getting "back" assyria....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, August 21 2013, 21:49:00 (UTC)
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...I don;t like lost causes...often people prefer them because they know deep inside that no real effort is required, just a lot of huffing and puffing. I don't mind hard work, in fact I prefer it to easy stuff...and "getting back assyria" is definitely easier stuff...because there really isn't anything for you to DO.

We know from experience that these guys aren't going to fight anybody...they aren't going to march around and they're completely undisciplined...they sure as shit aren't going to take up weapons and go to a war zone....come on. So, really...what does it cost Taco to "love assyria"...even to want to "fight for my people"? It's not going to cost him anything, nothing at all and THAT's why he's an "assyrian"....because it requires nothing and it means just SOUNDS good.

Getting an Assyrian monument built takes serious effort...getting it installed takes even more...and getting it installed OVER the interference of assyrians means yet more effort.

But, it can be done. Others have done it, why not we? And by "we" I mean this community and NOT "assyrians". It can be done but it isn't easy...first you have to raise a couple of hundred thousand dollars....from aSSYRIANS! Try it sometime.

Then you have to do a good enough job that a major city like San Francisco or Chicago will accept and give you a prominent location.

And THEN you have to be prepared to fight off all the assyrians who will gather around for the kill because you've just raised the bar for what it mans to be "assyrian".

An assyrian is one who, if he is in a race with every other person on earth, will rather trip up a fellow assyrians who stands a good chance of winning...just so HE doesn't get an ASSYRIAN!

assyrians will never pick a likely goal...something that can be achieved, even though it means a lot of hard work and ability and talent and discipline...because they know they are unfit for such enterprises.

What they will do is try to walk to the moon...because there's no way to PREPARE for such a just sounds daring...and innovative....but requires nothing...nothing more than talking about it and how they can do it, if only.....

They'll pretend they're working to get assyria...they'll pretend that they need 1000 men...they'll pretend to ASK for 1000 men...they'll pretend that if only they had weapons, they'd go and fight for assyria....they'll pretend...and pretend and then pretend some more...because BEING assyrian is a PRETENSE to begin with....that's all they know of "glory" and "power" and "fighting"..they know the PRETEND of each of these...but not the substance...they make sure to stay well away from anything of substance.

...and that's what we need (and love) Taco for....and Bethshlimon before him and Aprim before him.....these guys PROVE what I just said and having them in residence makes it all the sweeter.

Taco PROVES that he has nothing to say about substantive issues by the way he PRETENDS to answer them....he proves he has no arguments to give in favor of his position by PRETENDING that he's done he PRETENDS to be here, "answering" our's all pretending because they are pretending to the very core of this silly identity they've had invented for them... useless and stupid do you have to be to need someone ELSE to "discover" that you are "Assyrian"???? It wasn't a Nestorian who first said he was an was a BRIT who told him! And since then these Tacos have been PRETENDING to be.


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