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=> misunderstanding Sforza....and Herodotus too

misunderstanding Sforza....and Herodotus too
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, April 30 2012, 16:12:29 (UTC)
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"Cavalli-Sforza has focused on groups that haven't mixed much with others, because intermarriage could dilute the genetic signals of ancient migrations. Examples include the Navajo, the Basques and the Same people (Lapps) of Scandinavia."

("genetic signals of ancient migration"?...was he measuring where assyrians came from?)

...but not the assyrians.

The Navajo didn't mix with outside groups because outside groups rarely wanted to mix with THEM. Navajos had no racial prejudice to mixing with whites, it was the other way around. So white racism kept them "pure".

The Basques occupy a specific region of Spain, and have for as long as anyone can remember...they have virtually isolated themselves into an enclave.

The Lapps of Scandinavia likewise were isolated by snow and ice from others.

None of these people used religion as a way of NOT mixing....therefore it makes sense to study them in this way.

But the assyrians have always been surrounded by lots of other groups, and, regardless of what our boys say, they have intermarried freely...BUT, they stopped "being assyrians" when they did and so didn't count as assyrians for this study. Had Sforza known that the actual marker for an assyrian is a religion, I'm certain he would have realized that racism and bigotry are what determined who is an assyrian, and not any kind of genetic marker at all.

This is the reason it's important to keep getting the word out there; so people have the knowledge and the ammunition with which to demand more evidence that there are assyrians around than what these assyrians themselves have been providing.


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