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=> "moral outrage".....say what?

"moral outrage".....say what?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, August 27 2013, 20:25:20 (UTC)
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Website title:'s so funny that the United States is morally OUTRAGED by videos from Syria when it fought so hard to keep such videos away from its own citizens...and for all the hoopla about weapons of mass destruction, who made and sold these weapons to these people.....why? To NOT use?

...and just how many people have been killed by these weapons of "mass" killing? 5000......150.....10,000? it just the weapons we object to or the MASSES killed? Because if it's a question of numbers, then conventional weapons, of which the United States has more than anyone else, can kill far greater MASSES of people, than weapons that are CALLED "mass" weapons. should be the NUMBERS of innocent people killed, not the name attached to the weapon....and so far the United States has murdered far more innocent people than Iraq or Syria EVER did or will.

...the hypocrisy is not just striking, but you get a good window on why and how Fascist states ultimately fail...they fail because they require citizens to do too much damage to their own order to buy the Party line, we have to twist our minds and warp our souls to the point where we lose even common sense and go live in an Alice of Horrorland world...we have to believe we are the good people when all evidence, and more each day, plainly shows that we are NOT the good people but the very very bad people with a great Public Relations Department...and that way madness lies.


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