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=> more on the iltellectual dishonesty of assyrians....

more on the iltellectual dishonesty of assyrians....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, September 17 2013, 23:12:58 (UTC)
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...after much groaning and grunting and heavy pushing this ditzy community has produced its first actual assyrian he still isn't any expert on modern history, but at least he bothered to actually study the ancient record...which is why it's so depressing to see him prostitute himself to his community by claiming there is NO question that we are actual assyrians...what a lot of effort for is some of his writing...

...years on the national toilet and we produce THIS little turd!

"What I strongly want to emphasize is that our Assyrian forefathers did definitely not receive the notion Suraye or Suroye from a foreign people or language, to name for example the Luwian language, and started suddenly to call themselves Suraye or Suroye instead of Ashuraye. "strongly emphasize" you have to produce "strong" evidence...which he doesn' the rest he cites actual historic material and then draws wildly inaccurate conclusions which, if you question, he points to his diploma on the way, as if that settles it.

The reason for this change of pronunciation, that Ashuraye developed into Suraye and Suroye, is proven in the Aramean language which Assyrian kings, voluntarily and for strategic purposes, accepted and promoted to the level of an official language in the Assyrian empire since 900 BC, side by side their own and much older language which they called Ashuritu or Akadattu, meaning the Assyrian or the Akkadian language", he says.

..."is proven" is a strong statement...usually it's followed by the actual PROOF, so that others can decide...when it is just STATED, it becomes propaganda..and yes, people with multiple degrees CAN do propaganda....getting the degree is no guarantor of intellectual honesty. always with these people, the very thing you WANT to prove, is stated as a "given" evidence, no proof....Zack Cherry is your grandmother, but with a degree...still, a degree in a field that has NOTHING to do with the existence of modern assyrians....except for the fact that we believe whatever he says, after his degree, must be true.....that goes for Zack but the exact opposite is true, for these people, where Joseph is concerned...where before they said, "so what you got degeeee" they have to say, "yeah, but you got degree from same school as ZACK CHERRY"! And so it goes with these people...

Zack Cherry, who is now a guest doctoral student during a year at the Altorientalisches Institut University in Leipzig, Germany, says that he has collected many evidences during his studies that support an Assyrian identity for our people and that he is going to publish those evidences in the nearest future. Cherry also maintains that there is today no serious research that denies our Assyrian origin but there are plenty of proof that confirms our Assyrian identity and origins, he says.

...we look forward to his evidences...till then, it is not true that there is no serious research, or at least there WAS...done by our own John Joseph....Joseph ALWAYS references these people but they NEVER mention him, except to dismiss him without bothering to read him or say why...they just DO.

..Cherry is another propagandist, and the worst kind because he is using his actual knowledge to tell lies and disparage those who are serious about scholarship...Cherry will tell you the truth about ancient Assyrians and hope you don;t notice when he lies about modern assyrians. That's a despicable way to misuse knowledge.


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