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my poor cousin....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, May 26 2017, 21:24:24 (UTC)
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.....not surprisingly, Assyrians are decrying the conviction of lawyer Robert DeKelaita on immigration fraud charges. To them he is an innocent man trying to do good. Might I point out that lots of people do good without breaking laws. The fact that you do good does not excuse breaking laws.

There is now a new group of Assyrian lawyers in Chicago who have come together to help Assyrians and Chaldeans though these difficult a side note it would be fun to know how many of these people voted for Trump....

Robert would have been a great addition to this group. Sadly, he'll be in prison and has lost his license so he won't be able to help do good.

I have no doubt Robert was trying to help....but the trouble with sticking your neck out for our people is that it only takes one of them to get pissed at you and he'll turn you in...happens every time. There's no way to protect yourself against it except to make sure you don't give them the chance, in other words; don't do any favors or service for any of them which involves breaking laws.

My father always said, "if you want to live a good life, never allow an Assyrian into your home". Didn't know what he meant then, but I do now. In other words, don't ever make yourself vulnerable to these people...don't give them a look into your private life because they'll elaborate on it and lie about it with the "assurance" that they were inside and saw what they claim to be true....of course they'll make shit up anyway, but at least you've inoculated yourself as far as possible.

Robert was careless in more ways than one...he should not have broken laws and he should not have done it on behalf of Assyrians. It only took one rat and his professional life is over, as well as the chance to support his family in the style they had become accustomed to and deserved.

Worst of all, from a moral standpoint, he "helped" one set of people by hurting another set. His ultimate plea on behalf of his clients was that they lived in fear of Muslims violence. It was a lie...he wanted to help Christians but the only way he found to do it was by teaching them to lie about supposed "persecution" at the hands of their own Muslim neighbors.

I can forgive and understand everything else, but not that. What if he had been trying to help Muslims by lying about Christians? Would that be ok too? He helped fan the flames of Islamophobia as much as any German lawyer helped ratchet up lies and pressure against Jews.

We will still see him as a victim...a guy who tried to "do good" and ignore all the harm he did.

Sadly, his behavior and morality are just what prison was built for.


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