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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, August 24 2013, 2:16:51 (UTC)
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...this guy wants democracy....speaks of freedom....justice...human RIGHTS?!?!

From Maggie's. where else?

Date: 8/22/2013, 5:03 pm
In Response To: Assyrian Gay Man Comes out of the Closet *LINK* *PIC* (Maggie Yonan )

Only in Western Societies and especially in Sweden. Read the Zionist Manifesto how to corrupt people and damage their dignity and pride of a Family. I once read that a Gay man said "If god wants he will give birth to my partner from his A****" . It is immoral and it is unnatural and it stinks and I don't care what others say. What a waste of two important Organs that keep the mankind alive and prosper being used for personal pleasure of few. Sodom and Gamoura was burnt down by concerned people to get rid of all the filth, disease and shame that “Lawateen” brought to town and God had nothing to do with it. That so-called Lawyer should cover his ugly face and return to IRAQ to build it instead of being a proud “Lawatt” serving in a forign country after he obtained his degree paid for by the Iraqi Government.shame on him.
I don't mind two people of same sex liking each other and being friends but to have unnatural sexual act is despicable. Just notice the Western Media encouraging the sexual movement and giving such people a spot that they do not deserve. Western Propaganda to turn the society into filth. Yes there are few in Middle East,Eastern Countries,Japan etc. but for heaven sake The West especially America
England,Australia not to mention Holland Denmark and Sweden (The A**Hole of this filth) are just taking it too far to the utmost disgust of the majority of decent people..What next degrading the Church by insisting on being blessed by a priest? What next a Man or woman marrying their Pet because they love them and in the Church and people are still claiming to be Christians. Give me a break
You should have not done it.period

....I would just like to point out the obvious...this "dirty act" with those two sex organs (sic) must be sodomy, is immensely popular with heterosexuals as well...and growing. So, calm down fella. There isn't a single thing Gay people do that straight weirdos don''s just that now they can do it while married. that's all.


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