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=> on second thought....

on second thought....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, May 7 2012, 13:36:23 (UTC)
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Wikipedia is the perfect place for assyrians....simply because no one else in the academic world lists modern Assyrians...they BELONG there....

From my contacts with the editors there it's as if you're dealing with the staff at a mental hospital. These people define "pedantry" perfectly; they are hung up on spelling, on dotting the "i", crossing the "t"...on getting their formulas right, but contrary to what they claim, they ARE a message board AND a Blog...anything and everything EXCEPT an encyclopedia. I mean what kind of an encyclopedia checks the accuracy of its entries AFTER they been "published"? And at that, leaves it to volunteers to make the corrections? And then only after "consensus" has been reached...among whom? Experts in the field? No, other volunteers!

One fellow is complaining that his "article" about a movie he made, "took me SIX YEARS!"...was turned down. Not to fear, says the editor, it was only because he got the editing formula wrong! What kind of an encyclopedia allows movie-makers to write up their OWN movies, as if it was anything to do with knowledge?

Given the standards at Wikipedia, and the kinds of people who use it, I pass....I'm going to focus on UC Berkeley and getting some assyrian to debate least as an academic institution they might listen.

If anyone mentions Wikipedia as a "source" I'm going to vomit on him...or her.


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