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Posted by poncho (Guest) - Thursday, May 20 2021, 18:20:56 (UTC)
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Of course what is written is true. But I don't believe, will never believe, that America is held hostage to Israeli demands. Quite the is Israel which is under the thumb of the United States.

Saying it the other way is playing into "Jewish banks control world finance",,,or "Jews own Hollywood"...or "Jews control all media". They don't and they never did. While everyone knows the name Rothschild, does anyone know that the largest lenders of money were the Fuggars, a Christian family.

If Jews had any power over politics in the United States they could have forced Roosevelt to bomb the concentration camps or at least the railroad lines leading to them....but they couldn't. Jewish film makers wouldn't even criticize the Nazis for fear of what could happen to film sales in Europe.

It's more of the "Jews control everything" which has been used against them all through history.

It is the United States which benefits the most from Israel, not the other way around.

Israelis are war crimminals but they bend to American pressure.


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