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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, May 14 2012, 14:48:20 (UTC)
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....right. No Black man or woman has EVER been lynched or murdered or beaten in America for demanding equal rights, or civil rights....never!

...I meant no Gay person has ever been beaten or murdered for demanding equal rights...

...I sure do wish Gays and Dems would STOP calling it by it's Republican-friendly name of "same-sex" anything...or Gay IS a question of equal rights...period! It just happens to be equal rights for Gay people....but civil rights referred to African-Americans, but it wasn't called Black was just equal rights. Blacks weren't asking for "special" rights, though Repubs tried to frame it that way...they just wanted the SAME do Gays, nothing special or out of the ordinary...just the same right as straight people....and while we're it, get rid of "straight" as well...sounds as if anyone else is bent or crooked....just call them heteros.


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