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out on a limb....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, September 4 2013, 22:10:38 (UTC)
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Just heard a news story critical of New York police spying on the Muslim community...restaurants, mosques, schools, all have undercover plainclothesmen snooping and listening and watching out for any terroristic activity...and the criticism was that for the ten years this heightened surveilance has been going on, and aisde from trampling the Constitution, they have not uncovered a single case of any terrorism going, it's a failure, right?

"How come", the investigator asks, "were they not able to catch"...and then he mentioned some shor-bomber or lollipop-bomber case the police evidently, how incompetant can these people and this program be?

And then I remembered all hints at FBI and CIA infiltraion into terror groups and the possibility that they knew what was happenign when and in many cases even entrapped doofus "terrorists", maybe that New York program WAS was successful at FINDING so-called terrorists and letting them go on and do their terror, even maybe with a little help.....?

Maybe the surveilance isn't there to CATCH, but to KNOW and allow to happen....just a thought.


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